If you're planning a wedding, then you're in the right place.

The Planning Gathering Wedding Planning Course will help you define your ideal wedding and teach you how to plan it well so you can enjoy it fully.

If you are a couple just getting started planning your wedding together, and you are realizing that everything the wedding industry is telling you that you need have isn’t even what you want to have, let’s talk.

The Planning Gathering is a practical, candid wedding planning course which will provide you with the know-how to plan your own no-nonsense and totally you wedding.

Your wedding should be what you want it to be – and nothing else. This course is full of the knowledge of dozens of industry leaders and hundreds of weddings. It talks about the possibilities, good and bad, and the solutions to problems you will probably face. 

The Planning Gathering will fill your toolbox with everything you need to plan a wedding that is not only personalized, but will run smoothly. You’ll walk away from the course confident in your decisions and ready to enjoy your wedding day.

Begin planning your marriage and celebration.

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The Planning Gathering will share the real experiences of couples and wedding professionals, telling their stories about what really happens – good and bad – behind the scenes in planning and at a wedding. 

You will learn about these challenges you will possibly encounter and how to find and implement the best solution. 

You will learn exactly how Prudence & Sage wedding coordinators work behind the scenes before a wedding to coordinate and organize a smoothly operating event.

Enroll in the Planning Gathering to get started defining your wedding vision, creating your spending plan, and learning how to plan a wedding like a professional event planner. 

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This class is designed to be your step by step guide alongside your entire planning process.  Each section concludes with a worksheet that serves as your wedding plans. 

If you are planning your wedding in 4-6 months, you want to set aside about 1-2 hours a week to plan. 30 minutes of lessons and 30-60 of assignments each week. 

If you are planning your wedding outside of a busy schedule, plan no less than 16 weeks of consistent weekly planning work before your wedding date. 

Emily Sullivan
Emily Sullivan
Wedding Planner & Coordinator

About Emily

Hey, I'm Emily! I believe that weddings tell a story, and planning one shouldn't be complicated. After five years working with over 100 couples, I realized two things. First, the industry does not help couples know how to truly plan and coordinate their unique wedding and I became passionate about filling that gap. I also realized that much of the wedding industry is focused on encouraging and influencing couples to have a cookie cutter wedding that cost on average $32,000 in the US. I learned that some of the couples I worked with as a coordinator had gone into debt to host the wedding they thought they should have. They had no idea there was any other way. 

Learning this things grew a disdain for the industry I work in. I love weddings and the couples who are celebrated at them. But there is a whole group of us who the traditional modern wedding industry doesn't serve. That's why I am bringing you all my knowledge, industry insights, and the exact process I use to plan a unique, intentional, and purpose-filled weddings with the Planning Gathering. 

My dream is to change they way many people approach their wedding. To encourage them to break from the norm and do what is right for them. To alleviate society and industry pressure to have a wedding that looks like everyone else's. And to show couples step by step how to make it happen. That's my dream. It's what fueled me to spend two years creating these courses and the community, podcast, and resources that it is comprised of. 

I want your wedding to be yours, and I want you to enjoy it. Let's talk about what it looks like, how you'll get there, and the tools to make it happen. 


My goal with the Planning Gathering is to change the way you approach planning and make a positive wave of change in the wedding industry. I want to share with you lessons that will help you define what YOUR wedding is, how you'll make it a reality, plan, and coordinate it so that you can enjoy it fully. Step by step, you'll learn how to plan your wedding the same way I would if you hired me as your wedding planner, but at a fraction of the cost.

Yeah, I want that!