My name is Emily Sullivan and I’m the creator of the Planning Gathering. I believe that weddings should tell a story, and planning one shouldn’t be complicated. I created the Planning Gathering to guide couples through planning their wedding to uncomplicate the process and simplify decisions. The lessons and insights I share in the Planning Gathering will empower couples to define their vision and bring to life their story with their wedding day.

The free Foundations course will walk you through defining your wedding vision, establishing what is most important to you, create a budget that fits into your life, and provide you insight on what's next.

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Here's what we will do

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Define Wedding...

    • How to organize your wedding planning

  • 2

    Day Dream to Real Vision

    • What would you really like?

    • Vision Board Worksheet

    • Make your Vision Board

    • Priorities vs. Wants

    • Decide your Priorities

    • Priorities Worksheet

  • 3

    Your Spending Plan

    • Let's Talk Budgets

    • The Spending Plan and Tracker

  • 4

    Planning Checklist & Calendar

    • Planning your Planning

    • Planning Checklist & Calendar

About Emily

Wedding Planner & Coordinator

Emily Sullivan

Emily is the founder of The Planning Gathering and the owner of the wedding planning and coordination company, Prudence & Sage. Emily has been working events for over 5 years and has always been involved in organizing volunteer events and leading teams. Leading with her passion for always improving and creating an even better event experience, Emily has curated the best and most useful knowledge to bring you the Weddings, Uncomplicated series so you can plan your wedding just like the best professionals, focusing on what matters most and staying in budget. 

Getting Started Right is going to provide you with the perfect spending plan to help you keep track of wedding spending and stay in budget so you can focus on your totally you, stress-free wedding. Sounds great, right?